Printer Compatibility

  • Any printer that has a straight pass-through will print on the metal.
  • All Epson printers produced since 2000 have the ability to feed straight-through.
  • Canon and HP have selective printers that will work with a straight pass through.
  • Many, but not all, printers that have a “J-curve” media path are acceptable for .005” thick Fine Art Metal sheets.

Ink Compatibility

Fine Art Metal sheets are compatible with all ink jet systems, including dye and pigment-based inks.

Image Quality

The Fine Art Metals have individual characteristics completely unlike that of common ink jet papers. Please Keep this in mind when preparing your imagery for print. Utilize your proof set-up to gauge a general idea for your final color and tonal representation. Also, an image resolution of a least 300 is strongly recommended to obtain full detail in the final print.

Recommended Printer Settings

For best image quality we recommend the following:

  • Media Type: Select Premium Luster Photo, Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss, or similar depending on the printer you use.
  • Print Quality: Use your advanced settings and select 2880 dpi, High Accuracy, and Highest Gradation. Turn off High Speed where applicable. Choosing higher settings on your printer will yield better results.
  • Color Management: It is strongly suggested to use a color managed workflow. ICC profiles are available for free in the Fine Art Metal Section. Allow Photoshop or other imaging software to determine colors and turn off printer color management.

Loading the Metal

The printable side of the metal faces up toward the label on the black pouch. Each sheets will need to be loaded individually, one at a time, into the printer. Take care when loading the sheets to avoid scratching from the printers internal mechanics. Ensure that the sheets is straight. It may take several attempts loading the metal before the printer accepts it, the most common issue with front, straight-through loading is a skew error. Avoid bending or warping the metal as it may cause the sheets to jam or scratch during the printing process. It is recommended to wear white gloves while loading the sheets to avoid fingerprints on the surface.


  • Avoid touching the printable surface of the sheets.
  • Hold sheet by the edges.
  • It is strongly recommended to wear white gloves.
  • After printing allow ink to dry for at least 20 minutes before coating or lamination.
  • Lay print flat, in a clean place.
  • Do not place anything over the print as it may cause smudging or scratching.
  • Keep in mind the ink is not absorbed into the metal as it would be with common papers.

Print Protection

  • To protect the printed sheet, either use cold lamination or a spray coating.
  • Clearstar coatings are the perfect spray coating for the metals, all tests were conducted with this spray.
  • Recommended application of spray coating: Clearstar AFA Semi-Gloss is applied first with 2-3 coats followed by Clearstar AFA Gloss with 2-8 coats depending on the desired gloss level.
  • It is not recommended to leave the printed metal unprotected from moisture and UV rays.


  • Store Fine Art Metal sheets in their original pouch in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid moisture and high humidity.
  • Keep any unused sheets in the original package until ready to print.
  • Lay sheets flat to avoid warping.

Troubleshooting tips


Incorrect color

Image looks Blurry or Jagged

Washed Out