So how do we load the metal?

First of all, you MUST make sure that your printer allows you to print with a straight printing path. A few printers from HP & Canon do NOT allow for this option. The full Epson line allows for straight path printing. If you are unsure if your printer allows for straight path printing you can check in your manual or e-mail The straight printing path prevents the metal from bending up and hitting your print head causing damage. We have fed this material through every machine with a straight pathway with NOT a single head being damaged. For the Epson’s large-format printers such as they 7xxx & 9xxx series you load the metal, as if it were sheet material.


So how do I figure out how to load the metal?

Since each machine has its own and unique way of loading in a straight pathway you should read in your owners manual for either of the following loading directions:
    • Front manual loading
    • Rear manual loading
    • Slot loading
    • Manual loading


Please refer to your printers manual to learn how to load in the manual position whether it is front feed or rear feed.  Each printer has it own series of buttons to push for loading in the manual slot.


PDF tutorials for printing on the metal