[content_boxes layout=”icon-with-title” iconcolor=”#ffffff” circlecolor=”#333333″ circlebordercolor=”#333333″ backgroundcolor=”transparent”] [content_box title=”LIBRO COLLECTION™” icon=”suitcase” image=”” link=”http://www.booksmartstudio.com/?page_id=5543″ linktarget=”” linktext=””]Booksmart Studio is proud to offer the Libro Collection as a high-end digital print portfolio system. Photographers and artists have the option of choosing between three grades of book cloth/leatherettes; Canson Infinity, Epson, Inkpress, Innova, Hahnemuhle, and Museo inkjet papers; and five finished sizes. The elegant design of this portfolio/album system allows individuals to layout, print, and then reassemble the pages for a professionally crafted, finished portfolio. We can also print for you in-house on either our inkjet printers or our HP Indigo depending on your budget.[/content_box][content_box title=”FINE ART METALS™” icon=”fa-stack-overflow” image=”” link=”http://www.booksmartstudio.com/?page_id=5498″ linktarget=”” linktext=””]Booksmart Studio’s inkjet printable aluminum creates extremely archival, durable, and luminous prints on five different metal surfaces. The precoated metal accepts most pigment or dye inks, and can be cold laminated or coated for a durable finish. The Fine Art Metal series is more archival than the dye-sub materials most labs are offering because you will print direct with your pigment inks onto the surface. Yes, our material is more expensive and requires more finishing work then dye-sub metal prints. However, you cannot get a more archival print combination on metal for your fine print.[/content_box] [content_box title=”ICC PROFILES” icon=”tasks” image=”” link=”http://www.booksmartstudio.com/?page_id=5177″ linktarget=”” linktext=””]Booksmart Studio has created many of the generic ICC profiles you download from most of the leading fine art inkjet manufacturers on the market (Berger, BF Inkjet Media, Canson Infinity, Innova, Strathmore, & Museo). We also offer our custom ICC profiling services for RGB or CMYK printers to anyone that demands the utmost control over their color. We have various device and software combinations that will help insure that we can provide the ICC profiles you require.  [/content_box] [/content_boxes] [content_boxes layout=”icon-with-title” iconcolor=”#ffffff” circlecolor=”#333333″ circlebordercolor=”#333333″ backgroundcolor=”transparent”][content_box title=”BOOK PUBLISHING” icon=”book” image=”” link=”http://www.booksmartstudio.com/?page_id=4706″ linktarget=”” linktext=””]Book Publishing is our specialty with a strong emphasis on the fine edition book utilizing inkjet technology or our 6 color HP Indigo. Our specialty is in producing books that are handcrafted and never just glued to ensure they will stand the test of time. Another important aspect of our book production, is that we NEVER use a template, as each book project is approached uniquely from concept to a finished product. In our studio we are constantly looking to push the boundaries of The Book. We also offer services for every aspect of making a fine edition book including binding, designing, enclosures, & printing books. [/content_box] [content_box title=”PRINTING” icon=”print” image=”” link=”http://www.booksmartstudio.com/?page_id=4926″ linktarget=”” linktext=””]Booksmart Studio’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that the collaboration between the artist and the printmaker results in the finest work. We will not sacrifice this collaboration for the quick buck, as we define ourselves as fine edition printmakers. This model comes from the traditional printmaking background that Booksmart Studio’s owner holds with his MFA in Printmaking & Book Arts. The digital fine edition influence comes from his MS in Electronic Publishing, the combination has created a unique perspective on printmaking (digital or traditional) and the notion of the atelier. [/content_box] [/content_boxes] [separator top=”-25″]   [fullwidth backgroundcolor=”#f8f8f8″ backgroundimage=”” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”top left” backgroundattachment=”fixed” bordersize=”1px” bordercolor=”#e5e4e4″ paddingTop=”25px” paddingBottom=”0px”]
<h1 style=”text-align: center; font-size: 30px !important;”>Booksmart Studio: Your Fine Edition Print Specialist
<p style=”text-align: center; margin-top: -10px;”>With over [tooltip title=”That’s a lot of energy!”] 15 wide-format printers, bookbindery, & our HP Indigo[/tooltip], we can fulfill all of your fine edition printing needs! Every project, is a unique project handled in-house in our [tooltip title=”We Love Our Home!”]very unique and extensive[/tooltip] print studio, offering all of our services under one roof! 
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[/fullwidth][fullwidth backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”top left” backgroundattachment=”fixed” bordersize=”0px” bordercolor=”” paddingTop=”10px” paddingBottom=”20px”] [separator top=”20″] [fullwidth backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”top left” backgroundattachment=”scroll” bordersize=”0px” bordercolor=”#e5e4e4″ paddingTop=”40px” paddingBottom=”5px”] [one_half last=”no”] [title size=”2″]Fine edition books 100% handmade by our artisans[/title] [checklist icon=”star” iconcolor=”dark” circle=”no”]
<li>We do not have standard sizes or templates! Why limit creativity???</li>
<li>All of our book production is completed in-house in Rochester, NY</li>
<li>Full letterpress studio in-house, Pistachio Press.</li>
<li>Capable of producing true duotone or tritone B&W books.
<li>Our books are all handmade</li>
<li>Our hardcover books are all sewn. We DO NOT use glue bindings for hardcover books.</li>
<li>Every project is custom which means are creative options are limitless.</li>
<li>If you book order is large enough for offset printing, we only use printers here in the USA. 95% of the time in Rochester, NY.</li>
<li>Our HP Indigo has the flexibility for 6 color digital offset printing, allowing for spot colors.</li>
<li>Ability to create a truly high-end book with our inkjet printers for continuous tone, 100% cotton paper, and a wide color gamut.</li>
<li>We will work with any book structure, this is where we excel because we believe the book is an art form not just something you download.</li>
<li>One-on-one attention for your book project because we want to push the boundaries of the creative book form.</li>
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<h1 style=”text-align: center; font-size: 30px !important;”>99ccff;”>Take a look inside our studio and look at some cool projects.
<p style=”text-align: center; margin-top: -10px;”>99ccff;”>Booksmart Studio is always looking for new and [tooltip title=”Only If We Think They Are Interesting!”]interesting ideas.[/tooltip] We honestly look [tooltip title=”Until Our Brain Hurts!”]to challenge our creative[/tooltip] ideas that push both conceptual and technical boundaries. 
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