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Color Accuracy...

Our eyes are made up of rods and cones, receptors that are sensitive to light. The cones in our eyes are color sensitive to red, green and blue light.

Some people have a color deficiency, that is they may have limited color vision or in some cases may be completely colorblind. Anyone that judges or is responsible for assessing color should have very good color vision and their color vision should be tested. There are two popular tests for evaluating color vision, the Ishihara test and the Farnsworth Munsell test, both or either of these tests can help determine a persons color accuracy.

The Ishihara test consists of a variety of targets with colored patterns as you see here.

Color blind test web site; check your color vision on-line...


The Farnsworth Munsell 100-Hue test is not available on-line. This test more accurately measures a persons color deficiencies. It consists of 100 small colored chips of various hues. The individual being tested must arrange chips that have very subtle color differences in a progressive hue order. This test can accurately rate a persons color vision and is used to test individuals in jobs that require highly accurate color vision.

There are many other color vision tests available... they all tend to be a bit pricey though.

Key Concepts and Terminology...

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  • Anyone that judges or asseses color should be tested for color deficiencies.
  • The Ishihara and Farnsworth Munsell tests are both useful for testing individuals for color deficiencies.
  • Color testing does not have to come from a doctor, tests are even available on-line.





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