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Images that have been captured with a digital camera, scanned or printed should ideally closely match our original scene, negative, slide, print, etc. The brightness, contrast and color of these captured images should be retained as they are viewed on a monitor, edited and finally output to a printer. Is this an automatic process? Can we simply open an image on the computer, press print and get an image that matches what we see on our monitor? Manufacturers might have you think it works this easily, unfortunately it does not, at least not yet.

In reality we must understand and manage color and color workflow to maintain accurate color throughout the digital process. The objective of this tutorial is to provide you with enough information, examples and testing so that you can apply the principles and procedures covered here to better manage color in your own work.


What to expect....

This tutorial is broken down into two main sections.

Section I:

1) An introduction to color management.... why do we need to manage color?

2) What is color?

3) Color accuracy, how to assess color.

4) Color perception.

5) Color temperature.

6) Color models.

7) What is an ICC color managed workflow?

8) Color tools, what software and hardware tools do we use to control color?


Section II:

Section II builds upon the information covered in section I and includes step-by-step lessons that demonstrate how to apply color management in your work. Each lesson ends with a series of questions that will help demonstrate how well you understand the information and concepts covered in each module.

1) Calibrating and profiling a monitor.

2) Profiling a scanner.

3) Profiling a printer.

4) Color Management and Adobe Photoshop.

Finally you will find a user feedback form at the end of this tutorial. Your feedback is important and will be utilized to improve and keep this site current.



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