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Introduction to Section II

This section of the tutorial will take you through the practical application and real world use of color management and an ICC based color workflow. Each module will begin with a short introduction and objective. Next, simply follow the step by step instructions for each procedure. Important terminology and concepts will be highlited and linked throughout each section so that they can be easily reviewed if needed.

At the end of each module a quick set of questions will be presented. These questions will serve to test your comprehension of this material. If you have trouble with these questions, you should review the module again before moving on.

Lesson Modules:

1) Calibrating and profiling a monitor

2) Calibrating and profiling a scanner

3) Profiling an Ink Jet Printer

4) Color management and Adobe Photoshop


A user feedback form is included at the end of this section, please take a few moments to answer the questions provided. This information will be utilized to make changes where necessary and appropriate to improve the tutorial. Thank You!




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