Booksmart Studio has now become 100% on-line because when we are not on-line we are busy in production. Too often we were still receiving the dreaded phone call of “What ICC profile should I use with xxxx paper and xxxx printer?” Then only to be followed up with “What Media setting should I use?” and the followed up with many more questions. Finally, by the time we get off the phone we have to take 10 minutes to regroup to start production.

Do not me wrong, we love our customers. However, we cannot help everyone that is trying to learn to print or produce books. We are 100% truly dedicated to OUR CUSTOMERS and that does not mean the phone. We still talk to our customers on the phone, BUT we do not take initial phone calls to our main phone line.

After all, Eric is a full-time professor at RIT and is already balancing his time. So please do us a favor and email us if you have any questions. If you do not like this policy then I am sorry we have offended you, but we are too busy meeting deadlines for our wonderful customers.