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What if I need to have my film scanned or my artwork photographed first?

Do not worry, we offer both scanning and digital capture services. The best part of having Booksmart Studio create your digital file, is that we do not charge you for color correction for colorcast introduced in the capture or scanning process. However, if you are trying to change the colors due to aesthetic or subjective reasons then we discuss a fee for that service. Otherwise, the color accuracy is on us! After all, aren’t we suppose to be color experts.


Booksmart Studio offers various scanning services to fulfill the needs of nearly any artist & photographer. With our various scanners, we have the ability to scan any type of film or flat art up to 12″ x 16.5″ in size. Below is detailed information about the equipment we operate.

Scanmate F10 xyz Flatbed Scanner

The Scanmate F10 xyz flatbed scanner allows us to scan oversized film & originals with an optical resolution on all areas of the scanning surface of 5400 spi. We are able to scan any film size & originals with sizes up to 12″—16.5″ inches.

Imacon Flextight Precision III

Variable true optical Resolution; Faster, cleaner scans; 4.2 Dmax in a single pass; CCD Single pass (3×8000 pixels); Transparencies: from 35 mm to 13 x 18cm (single original and strips) Reflectives (single sheet) up to A4 oversize; Color (24, 32, 48 bit CMYK), grayscale and line art, TIFF, Batch scanning / Batch image processing.


Pricing for Scanning Services

Imacon Flextight Precision III

High Resolution Scans- RGB-16bit files

50 Megabytes $50.00

75 Megabytes $75.00

100 Megabytes $100

$1.00 per Megabyte (1-100 MB’s)

$.80 per Megabyte (101-200 MB’s)

$.65 per Megabyte (201-300 MB’s)

$.55 per Megabyte (301-500 MB’s)

$25 Min. Charge


Scanview Scanmate F10 • Eversmart Pro • Evermsart Pro II

High Resolution Flat Bed/Oversized Scan- RGB-16bit files

50 Megabytes $57.50

75 Megabytes $86.25

100 Megabytes $115

$1.15 per Megabyte (1-100 MB’s)

$.90 per Megabyte (101-200 MB’s)

$.75 per Megabyte (201-300 MB’s)

$.65 per Megabyte (301-500 MB’s)

$25 Min. Charge


Howtek 4500 Drum Scans

High Resolution Wet Mount Scan- RGB-16bit files

50 Megabytes $100.00

75 Megabytes $150.00

100 Megabytes $200

$2.00 per Megabyte (1-100 MB’s)

$1.80 per Megabyte (101-200 MB’s)

$1.65 per Megabyte (201-300 MB’s)

$1.45 per Megabyte (301-500 MB’s)

$45 Minimum Charge


Optional Services

Cleaning, Dust & Scratch Removal From Your Film, etc… $45 per 15 minutes (This is not retouching but rather cleaning your film)

Digital Capture

Booksmart Studio offers digital camera captures featuring top of the line digital camera systems and large captures over 50 mb. We will use our Phase One P30+ digital back attached to a Hasselblad body for your fine art reproduction captures.

Camera Capture Pricing

Low resolution capture 50 MB $50

5 or more low resolution captures $35 each

High resolution, large format capture above 50 MB $120

5 or more high resolution, large format captures above 50 MB $90 each

If you are producing your prints with Booksmart Studio we offer you 25% off your total digital capture pricing. This discount is applied to your print order as a credit for combining your service.

Film Development

We do not develop film at Booksmart Studio.

However, our good friend Edgar Praus of Praus Productions is literally right down the street. In fact, only 5 buildings and we often eat lunch together. Praus Productions is one of the leading film development and traditional darkroom printers still in business today.

Edgar received his MFA from RIT’s photography program and continues to photograph himself with either his 8″x10″ or Hasselblad’s in-hand. Praus Productions develops: C-41, E-6, B&W film, Kodachrome (as B&W), produces contact sheets, and darkroom prints. BUT HEY, you want digital prints from Booksmart Studio, CORRECT? Edgar will often bring a clients work to us once it is developed, if we are to produce final digital prints. No extra fees for the delivery, since he is normally walking up the street to go to lunch.

Praus Production



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Fine Edition

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