Project Description

A book published by Booksmart Studio’s owner Eric T. Kunsman. Exposing Saints is offset lithography on one side on the sheet of paper and inkjet on the other. The book was inspired by a trip to the Southwest Eric took with his students and fellow faculty to the Southwest in the summer of 2004. Along the way a select few students had Eric praying to the Saints. Therefore, Eric was inspired to create a book that is all about his RIT photo-geek humor and historical photographic terms. The concept is derived the spiritual quality of the Southwest landscape and how we ultimately try to control the elements for photography she we are simply just a “tourist.”

The book has pages that first reveal each Photographic Saint and a brief description of their powers. Turn the page and you are given a roadmap with the appropriate f/stop for the current location. Of course, as you move towards the Southwest the f/stop gets smaller to create more depth-of-field. The viewer can fold up each map to reveal a prayer one can use to harness the powers of the Photographic Saint that is required for the moment. The book in itself is the size of a roadmap that can very easily fit inside of your camera bag so you to can harness the power of the Photography Saints by reading Exposing Saints.