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If you are new or relatively inexperienced to using a color managed digital imaging workflow, this workshop may appeal to you. Do you struggle with getting the image on your monitor match the prints that you make? If so this workshop will help you investigate the important procedures required to go from capture to print. Participants will receive hands-on and practical instruction necessary for setting-up and utilizing a color-managed workflow which is integral to managing files from capture to final output. Hands-on experiences with personal files using the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Participants will walk away with a broad and extensive knowledge of contemporary practices for workflow and required steps to achieve greater control of practices leading to desired outcomes.

Participants will Learn

What a color-managed workflow is and why it is important?
How to get a print to match what is observed on the monitor.
What hardware and software tools are required to manage digital color.
How to create and use color profiles.
The language of color management and associated terminology.
How to create full tone color and/or black and white prints from digital files.
How to choose the proper substrates for your artistic vision.
How to choose the correct digital printing technology for your budget ad artwork.
Controls/Techniques utilized in every step of the process for complete control of your workflow.
A complete experience with a wide variety of hardware tools, cameras, spectrophotometers, printers, scanners, substrates, etc.
Techniques for finishing your prints for proper display.

Program Outline

General overview of Color Management
Defining color various spaces … capture to output, a comparison.
Using and recording accurate color, color checkers, camera raw, etc.
Monitor calibration and profiling
Scanning and color
Projector profiles
Color settings in Photoshop & Lightroom
Printer profiles, generic and custom. Where do they live?
Profiling tools for custom printer profiles
Custom printer profiles
File Formats & Archiving Techniques
Print Technologies
Inkjet printers
Inkjet Paper Discussion
Alternative printing media
Preparing images for print
Black point, white point
Test print, evaluating your image
Optimize image for print, plug-ins.
Printing considerations
Driver settings
Printer Maintenance (Nozzle checks, Platen gap)
Avoiding paper
B&W Printing
Finishing Techniques
Creating work in editions & Archival Qualities
Questions and further study


Who Should Attend

Educators, Photographers, and others who want – or need to – learn how to manage color images from the stage of initial capture to output.

Special Program Features

Participants should bring their own digital images, slides, negatives, or other relevant document enabling a richer experience in the making of inkjet prints on a variety of printers and papers, up to 44″ wide.

Instructor Bios

Eric Kunsman

Eric T. Kunsman is a photographer, educator and book artist from Rochester, New York. Eric is currently a Lecturer for the Arts & Imaging Studies Department in the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and also teaches in the School of Photographic Arts & Sciences. He was formerly an Assistant Professor at Mercer County Community College where he was also the coordinator of the photography program. He has nationally taught workshops, lectured on digital printing. Eric holds his MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and holds an MS in Electronic Publishing/Graphic Arts Media, BS in Biomedical Photography, BFA in Fine Art photography all from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. He currently owns Booksmart Studio, which is a fine art digital printing studio specializing in numerous techniques and services for photographers and book artists.


Registration info

Recent visit from an old colleague from Mercer County Community College

Recently Gary Saretzky a colleague from my days running the photography department at Mercer County Community College stopped by the studio while attending a workshop at the Image Permanence Institute at RIT. Gary took numerous images of the studio. It’s always great to see a different view of our studio, so we thought we would share them. Never mind the mess, too busy to clean.


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2015 Internship Program

We are proud to introduce our Summer Internship program for two to three Photography, Graphic Design, Book Arts, Website Design, New Media (or related) students. We’re working on some exciting projects here at Booksmart Studio related to traditional and contemporary; book arts & digital printing fields, and feel it would be a great opportunity to help hone some young, ambitious talent in a great direction while working on both experimental and production level projects.

• Do not apply if you can’t work from the Rochester, NY office. • This is an onsite position only. • This is an unpaid internship.


• Exciting Industry: Be apart of the rapidly changing inkjet printing industry and learn on every printer currently used in fine art printing. All printers are housed within our 9,600 square foot studio. • Insight & Experience: Few things you learn in school will prepare you for the working world (sorry parents). Our real world development, production and working environment is a great place to become a well rounded digital artist or digital printmaker, no matter what your discipline. • Intern-to-Hire Potential: Proven candidates may be offered full-time positions on graduation.


Applicants will be a part of a variety of different projects, technologies and services during their tenure at Booksmart Studio. The Summer Internship also consists of a group project, where Interns working together are guided through a project by our team. The project will be conceptualized, designed, and developed all through our internal processes, a great hands-on experience for anyone looking to work in this industry on graduation.

Qualifications / Skills:

• Applicants must be in one form or another, a talented digital artist/designer. Ideally the candidate is proficient in Adobe Photoshop™ and has some Adobe InDesign™ experience, but if you are talented in any other digital workflow techniques or book art – we can help bridge the gap.

• Excellent written and spoken English.

Deadline: March 15th, 2015

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Marshall Schuettle’s Portfolio & Custom Clamshell box for Santa Fe Reviews

We just completed a portfolio for Marshall Schuettle to take to his Santa Fe reviews.

Clamshell Box

The clamshell box consist of a slick gray leatherette for the cover and a matte black leatherette for the internal shelves. The bottom of the shelves are lined with a black Japanese silk to complement the matte black shelves. The box was 17″x21″ and it was 2″ in height.



47 prints were printed on our Canon iPF 8300 printer on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta at 17″x21″.

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“The Tiffin Room” Book for University at Buffalo

We finished a custom book project for the University at Buffalo for a competition. The book was designed by Edgewise Design in Rochester, NY. The cover of this book was made out of plexiglass with leaf skeletons encased in the plexiglass. The spine was created from a Japanese silk. The book block was printed on our HP Indigo 3050 on Mohawk Color Premium 100# Text. The final page had a pocket which held a menu for the competition.

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Professional Photographers of America Magazine Has Published A Review of The Booksmart Fine Art Metals.

Booksmart Studio Metal Media Adds Shine, Depth, and Unconventionality

By Stan Sholik

To read the full article online visit the link here.

Below, see the text excerpt only.

As photographers strive to set themselves apart from their competition, many find offering a unique look to their clients for their prints is a brand-enhancing way to stand out. Booksmart Studio is providing just such an option with inkjet printable aluminum. Photographers with a compatible inkjet printer can create samples, portfolio pieces, and final prints for clients as easily as they create inkjet prints on common media. The look is unique, often three dimensional, and is sure to set your work apart from your competitors.

The five available surfaces of inkjet printable media are, left to right, Satin White, Matte Silver, Satin Silver, Brushed Silver, and Satin Gold.

Five different surfaces are available for the fine art media aluminum sheets that are coated to accept most dye and pigment inks. Satin White has the look of smooth luster paper and is best for images with high detail and saturated colors. Satin Silver has a very fine grain structure that also lends itself to detailed images, and the surface reflects light back through the image making it almost three dimensional when viewed from certain angles.

The Satin White media has the look of smooth luster paper with
high sharpness and saturation. I muted the saturation somewhat
when making this print.

The surface of Satin Gold media is similar in reflectance to Satin Silver, but has an appearance somewhere between brass and 24k gold. This tends to mute saturated colors, and I found it perfect for a bridal portrait where softness is a virtue. Booksmart’s Matte Silver media also provides a muted look, but without the three dimensionality of Satin Gold. Matte Silver also appears somewhat yellowish under certain lighting conditions, but far less so than Satin Gold.

This photo doesn’t begin to do justice to the Satin Gold print that
is far more beautiful. As light reflects from the print at different
angles, the depth of the photo changes from two dimensional
to three dimensional.

Brushed Silver is the final surface option and it is my personal favorite. With the texture of brushed aluminum sheet metal, it’s probably not the choice for romantic portraits or for weddings. But the infrared landscape photo I printed on it is just amazing, as is a commercial still life. The illusion of depth is outstanding, as is the ability to hold a deep black and clean white.

An infrared image printed on Brushed Silver appears positive in
some areas and almost negative in others while retaining the
surface pattern of a brushed aluminum sheet metal. Blacks are
deep and rich, and whites are clean with good detail.

All of these media have an adhesive backing protected by a peel off sheet. This makes mounting easy. Two different thicknesses are available, 0.005 inch foil or 0.020 inch sheets. Any printer that has a straight pass-through will print on the media. I printed 8.5×11-inch sheets of the 0020 inch media on an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and a Canon imagePrograf iPF6400 using ICC profiles provided by Booksmart Studio. The Epson printing was totally straightforward.

The 24-inch Canon isn’t designed to print on media this small loaded from the front. A quick call to Canon tech support brought the suggestion to tape the metal to an 11 x 14-inch sheet before feeding it into the printer and that worked perfectly. Prints from both printers are gorgeous, each with its look even with the same image.

Satin Silver has a very fine grain surface that results in an accurate color reproduction of the original image with excellent detail. As with Satin Gold, light reflects back through the inkjet layer producing a three dimensional look at certain angles.

The Matte Silver media has a slight yellow cast that adds warmth
to the image. The same file is used for this print that is used for
the Satin Silver print. Differences in reflectance account for the
variation in density, but the color difference is a result of the
different color casts of the media.

Care is required in handling the metal sheets, both before and after printing. To avoid oily fingerprints that would interfere with printing, cotton gloves should be used when loading the printer. Gentle handling is also required to avoid bending corners or warping the sheet, which would prevent it from feeding properly through the printer.

After printing, the surface should be coated or laminated after allowing the print to dry for 20 minutes. Booksmart Studio recommends two or three coats of Clearstar AFA Semi-Gloss coating followed by two to eight coats of Clearstar AFA Gloss coating to reach your desired gloss level.

More information is available from the Booksmart Studio website. A sample pack of 8.5×11-inch sheets of 0.020 inch thick media is available from Booksmart Studios for $49.30. Packages of sheets of a single type are available in sizes from 8.5×11 inches to 20×80 inches. Visit the Booksmart Studio site for pricing.

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Summer Internship 2013

Applications Due April 15th, 2013

Our summer Internship program is available for the Summer of 2013. Applications are due by April 15th, 2013 and the ideal candidate can provide an average of 25 hours a week to Booksmart Studio. For more information please visit our online application.

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Booksmart Studio is now by Appointment ONLY!!

New hours as of November 1st 2012

Due to our increase in production Booksmart Studio is now changing our hours to “By Appointment Only.” If you would like us to consider working with you on your latest projects please email We found this necessary due to a constraint on the hours we are able to produce the work for our dedicated clients throughout the US. If you are looking for a single print or rush print job, please visit Lumiere Photo at 100 College Drive in Rochester, NY.

Therefore, we will be answering voicemails within 48–72 hours and email’s each and every evening. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.

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Imaging Panels of Rochester, NY- Call for Entries

Sponsored by Booksmart Studio

Booksmart Studio is proud to sponsor the Imaging Panels in front of our building at 250 North Goodman Street, Rochester, NY. This call for entries is open to all 2D art mediums and artists, prinbtmakers, and photographers located within 100 miles of Rochester. Applications will be due May 15th and the website www.imaging panels will be launched April 15th, 2013 with further details.

All art will be scanned or captured by Booksmart Studio and reproduced for exterior hanging. There is no expense to the artists and the final prints will be added to the Imaging Panels at Booksmart Studio collection. If you have any questions prior to the website being launched please email

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Check out this review of the Libro Collection and Tutorial for creating portfolios

Booksmart Studio created four sets of portfolios for Joey L, each set consisted of two books and were contained in a custom clamshell box (pictured below) with all having his logo debossed on the cover. The portfolios were created utilizing our Libro Elite portfolio system with Leatherette bookcloths and debossed on the cover with a magnesium die created of his custom logo. The clamshell box had a combination of Leatherette on the cover and Asahi Japanese Silk book-cloth for the shelves. Joey has written a review of the Booksmart Studio Libro Collection and a great tutorial on creating a portfolio along with the importance of a portfolio book rather than an iPad portfolio.















Clamshell Box Holding Two Libro Portfolio Books


To read the full review please visit Joey L’s website at


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If you are looking to purchase a Libro Portfolio or have Booksmart Studio produce your prints for your portfolio. Please be sure to visit our dedicated Libro shop website at


If you are looking to purchase Fine Art Metal or have Booksmart Studio print on the fine art metal. Please be sure to visit our dedicated Inkjet Metal shop website at

Fine Edition

If you are looking to work with Booksmart Studio to produce your Fine Edition Inkjet Prints for an exhibition or just start an open edition. Please be sure to visit our dedicated Fine Edition Printing shop website at

Custom ICC

Order your custom ICC Profiles now. Please be sure to visit our dedicated Custom ICC Profiling shop at
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