Tips & Recommendations


General Recommendations

Book cloth Choices: If you are unsure of the book cloth you wish to work with or the color be sure to order the sample swatches we offer on This will ensure you are not disappointed with your final Libro.

Order Extra Paper: If you order extra paper at the same time as your Libro we do not charge our normal fee for drilling and scoring the paper. If you buy at a later date we charge $15 for each as a service fee.


When printing your portfolio at Booksmart Studio!

Color Space: All photographs, illustrations, and the InDesign file should be in either Adobe RGB or (CMYK SWOP Coated) Color Space. If you are not sure how to set your color space in Photoshop or InDesign then simply go to Adobe’s website for more information. This can be set in both Photoshop and InDesign by going to Edit/Color Space in your application. There you must set a color space for RGB & CMYK.

Packaging Files: Once you are done designing your book/Libro you should make sure all files are linked. Once you make sure files are linked go to File/Package in InDesign. This will create a folder for you that contains your InDesign file, links, fonts, and instructions. This will ensure proper printing of your files as we will have all materials/files required. However, you must make sure that all files are linked.

Resolution: All Images should be at the size they are in the Book/Libro at 300ppi

File Format: All images should be either TIFF or PSD files. Remember the more you work on a JPEG and save it the more your image is degraded. InDesign Templates provided: We have provided 11”x 14” or 11”x 17” InDesign templates for you to use. A-Master pages are pages designed to simply show you where the spine will be placed on your pages. In that area you will not want to place an image area unless you are trying to ensure you do not see white between pages. B-Master pages are set up so you know how mush bleed to use for pages that bleed on the edges or simply across the gutter.

Custom Magnesium Die: Your file for your magnesium die should be at the dimension/size you are going to have stamped/debossed on the cover. The file should be at 300ppi and be a grayscale TIFF file with only black & white (no grays.) The black is what will be debossed into the cover. 

Stamping Placement on the cover: Create a sized template file for your book size (A4, 11”x14”, 11”x17”, 12”x12”, 13”x19”, or your custom size) as grayscale file at 300ppi and then place the file you created for your custom die on the correctly sized template file to illustrate where you would like it positioned. Save this file as a JPEG with a quality of 2 to create a small file and email it with your Custom Magnesium Die file. If you are getting an exposed post Libro please remember the 1” spine on the left for a visual centering effect. Why a grayscale file? To save on file size when transmuting the file to Booksmart Studio.

Bleeds: Make sure you follow our templates for any bleeds to ensure that everything lines up properly or is trimmed to be a complete bleed.

Pocket inside back cover: If you wish to have a pocket on the inside for your resume, please make sure that you indicate so when ordering and choose a Hahnemuhle Bugra paper to be used for the pocket.