Color Management Education & ICC Profiling Service 

Booksmart Studio is among the leaders in providing custom ICC profiles and canned (generic) profiles for fine art papers available to artists & photographers. Through an agreement with X-Rite we are able to provide these ICC profiles with a subscription plan or free to our customers as a starting point for your digital workflow.

Those who are serious about digital printmaking understand the value of a true color managed digital workflow. That being said, they should also understand the importance of creating custom ICC profiles. Booksmart Studio can help in one of three ways; first by providing you with equipment from X-Rite, second by educating you on creating your color managed workflow through either workshops or consulting, and finally by allowing Booksmart Studio to create your custom ICC profiles for you. Whatever you determine our role can be in your digital printing success, we are ready to support your needs.

Booksmart Studio has created the generic ICC profiles for these leading paper manufacturers, these are the profiles you download from their websites: Bergger, BF Inkjet Media, Canson Infinity, Innova, Magiclée Intelicoat, & Museo Fine Art papers.

ICC profiles are an essential part of any digital workflow and we are here to assist you as one of the industry leaders for supplying fine art paper ICC profiles.