What types of books can I create?

At Booksmart Studio, we have three different book publishing options available, each designed to fit your specific needs. Unfortunately, Booksmart Studio does not publish or create soft cover books, as every book we create utilizes a sewing process, whether it is in signatures or single sheets, that does not allow soft covers to be used. We offer a wide selection of cover materials and are always willing to experiment with materials artists have in mind, as long as they do not affect the structure’s strength or the book’s archival quality.

Fine Edition – Our Fine Edition books are the ultimate in short-run, fine art books. This book caters to the artists who wish to create a book that is in itself a piece of art. Every book is customized to the artists/photographers specifications and vision for their artwork. Fine Edition books utilize inkjet printing technology printed exclusively on Innova Smooth Cotton Duo, which is then hand-sewn in signatures 90% of the time (depending on the artists project.) Fine Edition books are often finished with clamshell boxes or slipcases for the ultimate in preservation. Fine Edition books are often priced by our artist and photographer clients for hundreds or thousands of dollars at gallery and museum stores.

Catalog Edition – The Catalog Edition book is for those artists and photographers who wish to make available a collection of their work for the every day person. The Catalog Edition books are comparable to many of the other digital books that are being produced for artists and photographers, and is an affordable book that can be sold in numerous quantities. The printing process for Catalog Edition books involves a Xerox digital press with a fully color managed workflow. These books are hand finished, like our Fine Edition Books, being either over-sewn or sewn into signatures and placed into a hardcover, but never finished with a glue only binding. Even though Catalog Edition books are considered to be a lower quality alternative to our Fine Edition books, great care is taken in the construction of the books, and equal attention is given to the book as the final product.

Published Edition – Published Edition Books take the Catalog Edition books one step further by providing an ISBN number, as well as marketing your book on-line in our Amazon.com store and our soon to be released Booksmart Studio Bookstore.

For an estimate please Request a Quote and remember to add the type of book you are interested in, along with the number of pages, the size of your book and the design details of your book in the comments and details section of the request. We will get back to you with an estimate and guide you through the many decisions of the bookmaking process.