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Booksmart Studio is far different from any online publishing services, we welcome collaboration with our customers, offer a wide array of options and allow our customers artistic license. We want our product and service to reflect that of a one-of-a-kind working artists’ space.

Many photographers come to the bookmaking process with a varied background in digital photography and the art of bookmaking. The staff at Booksmart Studio has compiled some things to consider when approaching the involved process of bookmaking. We hope to provide to our customers with a unique product that they are proud of but also a positive experience. This is most successfully accomplished when the customer gains a clear understanding about the bookmaking process.

What type of book would you like to make? It is important that you understand the differences in the types of books we offer and select a book that best suits your needs. Please read through this site for more details. If you have more questions please contact our Book Production Specialist, and you are always welcome to make an appointment to stop by the studio.

Who will be creating your design and layout? If you are working with a designer we encourage you to have them read through all of our materials and let them know that they are welcome to contact us with any questions they may have along the way.

What program will be use to design your book? We recommend Adobe InDesign. A well designed book may lower some of your costs and eliminate problems. While great for editing photographs, Photoshop is not a suitable program for book design. Your book will need to be imported into InDesign at some point and even the “simplest” design requires much time and attention.

Will you have text in your book? If so we recommend hiring an editor, Booksmart Studio does not do basic text editing and will charge extra if this process is not complete when the design is delivered for production. Again Photoshop is not sufficient for text layout, we advise that you use InDesign.

How do your images look? Please keep in mind your computer screen may not be calibrated and if you are running test prints of your book pages you will want to have the correct profiles loaded in your computer and print on the paper that will be used to create your book in order to make accurate adjustments. We primarily use Innova Smooth Cotton Duo which has a black point of 96%.

Booksmart Studio can provide a proof copy of your book, and can provide image adjustments for an additional fee. A little extra time and preparation at your end could lower your costs. If you need help with profiling, calibration, or image adjusting please contact one of our Digital Specialists.

What will your book be used for? If  your book is expected to travel and be looked at a lot we recommend blind stamping for the cover, as it will hold up better and not wear over time.

How is my book made?  Booksmart Studio is located in Rochester, New York, we invite you to visit the studio whenever possible. If you are too far away for a visit please see the book binding section of this website or contact our Book Production Specialist. The art of bookmaking is an involved process that requires much time, planning and attention detail.

Your book, while printed on an inkjet printer and digital in design and is far from automated in its creation. In the case of a Fine Edition Book (after design is complete) the pages will be cut down by hand from master sheets, the first side will be printed, then flipped over and printed on the second side. The printed pages will then be folded by hand, stitched by hand and glued at the spine and cut to its final size, this creates a book block.

Separately the cover is made, the board is cut by hand, glued and covered in the bookcloth you’ve selected and then the cover is stamped. After the cover is complete the book block is encased in the cover and then your book is placed in a book press for twenty-four hours to allow for all glues to dry.