Booksmart Studio is pleased to announce our line-up of fine art metal that are coated for inkjet printing with most printers. The line-up of metals includes aluminum-brushed, matte, & satin along with Satin Gold. The thickness of these metals varies from .012 & .016, which allows you to put them directly through your Canon, Epson, or HP printers with a straight pass through. Printing images on these metals give an appearance of being backlite and the image quality mimics that of Ilfochrome with the Aluminum Satin finish.

A full-line of ICC profiles will be completed over the next week or two for all Epson printers that the fine art metals will work with. Including: Epson 2200, R1800, R2400, 4000, 4800, 7600/9600, & 7800/9800.

Initial orders are being taken by phone at 1.800.761.6623.