The First Friday of November will consist of two different shows in both of our galleries.

Gallery Kunstler will house Emma Powell’s work “A life Reviewed: George Eastman through the Viewfinder”.  The Rochester Pin Up Gallery will house Lisa Adamucci’s work “Eat a Peach”.   Emma and Lisa are both current graduate students at Rochester Institute of Technology and both galleries will be showcasing their thesis work here at Booksmart Studio.


A life Reviewed: George Eastman through the Viewfinder”

Photographs by, Emma Powell

A life Reviewed: George Eastman through the Viewfinder” is an exhibition of photographs that look back on the life of Kodak’s founder George Eastman. The show consists of 25 color photographs by Emma Powell that cover different facets of Eastman’s life and legacy. This work serves as both photographic biography as well as an artistic gaze into the past.  “I wanted to find a way to look back in time, through a window into the past, to visualize temporal distance,” Powell said. “I needed a turn-of-the-century device that could speak to the technological advancements of the industrial revolution. I needed a time machine. Instead, I used cameras.”

Eat a Peach”

Photographs by, Lisa Adamucci

” I have to be a mean son of a bitch so you kids don’t miss me when I’m gone.”  My father didn’t bother to explain this comment as I sat in the passenger seat waiting for some gesture to indicate that he was just kidding. I stepped out of his truck, smiled, and watched him go.

For the past three years I have been developing a project that focuses on the members of my immediate family and each individual’s relationship to our small southern New Jersey peach farm.

Growing up, I never gave the farm much thought, treating it as a place where my family lived and nothing more. Being a girl excused me from doing just about anything one could think of on the farm. Almost daily one of my brothers: Carmen, Tony, Tommy, or Mikey would vehemently demand my parents to answer the same incriminating question, “But why doesn’t Lisa have to do anything?” When I was five, my dad pretended to spank me just so my four brothers could listen from the other side of the bathroom door: he would clap his hands together while I pretended to cry.

When I began photographing the members of my family the farm took on a life of its own, like a long-lost family member I wanted to get reacquainted with. I became more curious about the business, history, and daily routines of the farm. I wanted to understand it, to uncover the reason for its allure. And now, it has captured me as well, becoming a near obsession.



A Life Reviewed: George Eastman through the Viewfinder” & “Eat a Peach”

Opening receptions
Friday, November 5th, 2010

Gallery Kunstler & The Rochester Pin Up Gallery
(inside Booksmart Studio)
250 North Goodman St.
Rochester, NY 14607

Emma Powell

Lisa Adamucci