Booksmart Studio is a fine art studio that specializes in producing artwork, whether it is in print or book form that utilizes digital printing. Booksmart Studio offers artists and photographers the ability to have their digital fine edition work produced by Booksmart Studio. Booksmart Studio’s main emphasis is the production of fine edition books that are produced as works of art by forming a collaboration between artists and photographers with our specialist. The fine edition book is viewed as an exploration for the artists to discover a second form of expressing their vision. These fine edition books are often sold in collaboration with exhibitions in galleries & museums as a piece of artwork rather than a book at Barnes and Noble.

Booksmart Studio also offers hands-on workshops in the digital processes of: Color Management, Digital Printing, The Digital Book, and Software training. We also offer services for onsite digital consulting or color management support through our custom ICC profiling service.

Booksmart Studio’s founder Eric Kunsman has a background in Book Arts & Printmaking having received his MFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. This training serves as Eric’s basis for the tradition of the book as an artform while having a passion for digital technology. Eric’s passion in digital technology stems from his time spent at RIT where he received an MS in Electronic Publishing from the School of Print Media Sciences, in which he concentrated on ink jet printing technology. He also received degrees in Biomedical Photography and Fine Art Photography from RIT’s School of Photographic Sciences. Eric is a practicing photographer and book artist having shown his work Internationally and continually working to push his work further. Booksmart Studio’s makes sure that we treat each project as a piece of our personal artwork by making sure we involve the artist with every step of the process. After all, in the end Booksmart Studio is producing your artwork.

Eric’s work can be viewed along with complete curriculum vitae at:




New Studio (Production) Hours

Please feel free to contact us at sales@booksmartstudio.com with any questions. Due to our production schedule most email’s will be addressed during the evening hours!

Our new business model is geared to aid our production schedule within normal business hours. We will not be answering and all inquiries must be made via e-mail. If a phone call is required we will make and appointment to schedule a phone conversation. We have changed our policy due to an overwhelming amount of phone calls in which people expected us to simply educate them for free. Problem is after each phone call we would have to reset and start our production again which would usually take about 15 minutes. Please remember that we work one-on-one with many people over the phone, Internet, or in person. Our customers are very important to us and those wishing to simply pick our brain and distract us from our customers will not be taken care of. We understand this sounds stand offish but we MUST take care of our customers.

Our hours of operation are:

By Appointment ONLY!!