Our metal printing service

If you are looking to have archival inkjet metal prints printed for your exhibition or a single piece. We can help print on the same metal we sell direct to artist and print shops. Please keep in mind that our fine art metal works with a process in which we work directly with the pigmented inks from Epson & Canon to create your print. It is a very different look from all of the metal prints out there by the big print houses that are either dye-sub or UV printed. We know our material is not right for everyone and insist you have a proof created for your very first print. The choice in metal prints is very much an aesthetic concern and for most of our clients an archival issue.

* Our process is a lot more expensive due to the process and we are limited to 20″ x 80″ long. This has to due with a limitation with the coater used to apply the inkjet coating directly to the metal surface.


Please visit our printing website at Fine Edition Printing.com for options and pricing.