Booksmart Studio housed two galleries from 2007-2012. This is an archive of some of the exhibits we showed in either Rochester Pin-Up Gallery or Gallery Kunstler. The Imaging Panels is a public art gallery on Goodman Street in Rochester, NY. Booksmart Studio is the sponsor.


This is an archive of the exhibitions shown in the Rochester Pin-Up Gallery. The gallery is no longer holding exhibitions, as it now holds our HP Indigo 3050 for our book production.

The Rochester Pin-Up Gallery was conceived in order to help develop the ever-expanding artist community in the Upstate New York area. The Rochester Pin-Up Gallery houses monthly exhibitions by Upstate artists, and once monthly transforms into an open meeting and critique space for artists in and around Rochester.


 The gallery is now our wide-format printing area housing all of our printers.

Harkening back to Gutenberg and the roots of modern printing in Germany, Gallery Kuntsler takes its name from the German for ‘artist,’ proudly displaying the passage of printing into the fine arts. Gallery Kunstler is the larger gallery space in Booksmart Studio at 1450 square feet and 180 linear feet of wall space. Gallery Kunstler houses exhibitions by international, national, and local artists, as well as juried and curated shows. Please take a look at our galleries of past and present exhibitions to see examples of the work shown in Gallery Kunstler.



The Imaging Panels of Rochester, NY are panels to display 2D artwork as a public exterior gallery. The Imaging Panels are located on the artWALK extension in the Neighborhood of the Arts in Rochester. We are the proud sponsors and proposed the idea at public forums held in Rochester. We have annual calls for artwork at the website dedicated to the Imaging Panels. The jury consist of artist & educators based in Rochester, NY and the call for entries is limited to Upstate New York artists & photographers.