You will see on our website that we often refer to the idea of 

Fine Edition Printing over and over. The reason is the artists and photographers we are working with typically are producing edition work and we guarantee the edition will be produced with the same standards whether it is print #1 or print #50. In this economy we very rarely have a client that will produce the full edition in one production run. This is the reason we create both AP (artist proofs) & PP (printers proofs) before we start the edition. These proofs are used by both the artist & in-house to ensure the quality matches from one print to the next. The substrates we work with are not substrates that we anticipate disappearing to ensure we can complete and edition. In the event that we hear a paper is being discontinued we contact our artist using that particular paper to see if the wish to full-fill the edition or simply close the edition at the current print. Our service is meant to allow the artist to print as sales or exhibitions require a print. All files are backed up on one of our (3) 24 Terrabyte RAID 5 servers with redundant back-up to ensure your files are ready for print when you demand. For an extra fee of $2 per print ordered, we can also keep track of your running edition numbers for you in-house. This information will also be backed up to our RAID server as well. A few of our artist are too busy creating new work or trying to sell work to concentrate on the nitty-gritty business aspect of creating edition artwork.