Recent visit from an old colleague from Mercer County Community College

Recently Gary Saretzky a colleague from my days running the photography department at Mercer County Community College stopped by the studio while attending a workshop at the Image Permanence Institute at RIT. Gary took numerous images of the studio. It’s always great to see a different view of our studio, so we thought we would share them. Never mind the mess, too busy to clean.


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2015 Internship Program

We are proud to introduce our Summer Internship program for two to three Photography, Graphic Design, Book Arts, Website Design, New Media (or related) students. We’re working on some exciting projects here at Booksmart Studio related to traditional and contemporary; book arts & digital printing fields, and feel it would be a great opportunity to help hone some young, ambitious talent in a great direction while working on both experimental and production level projects.

• Do not apply if you can’t work from the Rochester, NY office. • This is an onsite position only. • This is an unpaid internship.


• Exciting Industry: Be apart of the rapidly changing inkjet printing industry and learn on every printer currently used in fine art printing. All printers are housed within our 9,600 square foot studio. • Insight & Experience: Few things you learn in school will prepare you for the working world (sorry parents). Our real world development, production and working environment is a great place to become a well rounded digital artist or digital printmaker, no matter what your discipline. • Intern-to-Hire Potential: Proven candidates may be offered full-time positions on graduation.


Applicants will be a part of a variety of different projects, technologies and services during their tenure at Booksmart Studio. The Summer Internship also consists of a group project, where Interns working together are guided through a project by our team. The project will be conceptualized, designed, and developed all through our internal processes, a great hands-on experience for anyone looking to work in this industry on graduation.

Qualifications / Skills:

• Applicants must be in one form or another, a talented digital artist/designer. Ideally the candidate is proficient in Adobe Photoshop™ and has some Adobe InDesign™ experience, but if you are talented in any other digital workflow techniques or book art – we can help bridge the gap.

• Excellent written and spoken English.

Deadline: March 15th, 2015

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Summer Internship 2013

Applications Due April 15th, 2013

Our summer Internship program is available for the Summer of 2013. Applications are due by April 15th, 2013 and the ideal candidate can provide an average of 25 hours a week to Booksmart Studio. For more information please visit our online application.

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Booksmart Studio is now by Appointment ONLY!!

New hours as of November 1st 2012

Due to our increase in production Booksmart Studio is now changing our hours to “By Appointment Only.” If you would like us to consider working with you on your latest projects please email We found this necessary due to a constraint on the hours we are able to produce the work for our dedicated clients throughout the US. If you are looking for a single print or rush print job, please visit Lumiere Photo at 100 College Drive in Rochester, NY.

Therefore, we will be answering voicemails within 48–72 hours and email’s each and every evening. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.

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Booksmart Studio Acquires a Canon ipf8300

Highest level printing technology available now at Booksmart Studio

Booksmart Studio is proud to announce the acquisition of a Canon iPF8300 to add to our selection of wide-format fine art printers. Booksmart Studio now owns both Canon iPF8300 and the Canon iPF6300, which is used for smaller prints. The reason Canon printers are the preferred printer for Booksmart Studio is due to their wide color gamut, deep blacks, and 16-bit tonal gradation for all color channels. The Canon iPF8300 has an improved D-Max and color gamut with an improvement in their 12 color ink system. The Canon iPF8300 Lucia EX inks have a 20% wider color gamut and higher D-Max than the Epson 9900 and the HP Z3200.

Booksmart Studio still has the range of Epson & HP printers in our studio. However, we are now printing 75% of our work stricly on the Canon iPF series printers due to the nature of their quality. We have the ability to use the HP Z3200 & Epson 9900 printers if your work demands the use of these printers. At Booksmart Studio we always try to match the artwork & photography with the correct paper & printer combination that maximizes the aesthetic of your work.

 Canon iPF8300

Full Description of the Canon iPF8300

Built for ultra high quality imaging and exceptional performance, the imagePROGRAF iPF8300 44″ large format printer is equipped with an array of professional features. The re-formulated 12-color LUCIA pigment ink system increases the achievable color gamut by approximately 20% from the previous imagePROGRAF 12-color series. A large 80GB hard drive, sub-ink tank system, Gigabit Ethernet support and Accounting Manager feature make this a premier solution for the fine art, photography and proofing markets. To fully utilize on the dynamic color range of the LUCIA EX ink set, a high-precision printing mode delivers quality a step above the previously available highest quality mode. And with the Print Plug-in for Photoshop, now with support for Adobe CMM, users can process images in 16-bit. For more control over the final output, the Media Configuration Tool expands on Canon’s array of media options, allowing users to input profiles for third party media. By combining Canon’s technological achievements, the imagePROGRAF iPF8300 achieves consistently breathtaking, durable and long lasting prints.

Current Selection of printers at Booksmart Studio

Canon iPF91000 (60″ wide)

Canon iPF8300 (44″ wide)

Canon iPF6300 (24″ wide)

Canon iPF6100 (24″ wide)

(2) Canon iPF5000 (17″ wide)

Epson 9600 (44″ wide)

Epson 7880 (24″ wide)

Epson 4880 (17″ wide)

(3) Epson 4800 (17″ wide)

(3) Epson 4000 (17″ wide)

Epson 3800 (17″ wide)

HP Z3200 (44″ wide)

HP Z3100 (44″ wide)

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Canon ipf6300/8300 ICC Profiles and Media Configurations for Canson Infinity completed by Booksmart Studio

Full-line of Canson Infinity ICC profiles now available for the iPFx300 series

Booksmart Studio is pleased to announce the completion of the ICC profiles and media configuration files for the full-line of the Canson Infinity papers. These ICC profiles and media configuration can be used on the Canon iPF6300, 6350, & 8300. These ICC profiles and media configurations were completed by Booksmart Studio after two months of rigurous testing. This allows Booksmart Studio to guarantee the most accurate configurations allowing one to maximize the capability of the Canson Infinity line of papers.

Please visit Canson Infinity’s website at to download the files.

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Canson Infinity Latest ICC Profiles have been completed by Booksmart Studio

Rag Photographique Baryta & HD Canvas

Posted on March 1, 2011, 10:00 am

 Booksmart Studio is pleased to announce the completion of the latest round of ICC profiles for the newest Canson Infinity products. Our partnership with Canson Infinity has allowed us to deliver high quality generic ICC profiles to Canson Infinity customers since the line was first announced three years ago. Please visit Canson Infinity’s website to download the latest ICC profiles.

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Gallery Opening, “In Process”

This Friday, August 5, 2010 we are having an opening reception for “In Process. This show will feature all of Booksmart’s employees work. Included in the show are David Ohl, Mark Nacey, Dylan Knapp, Sean Dyroff and Alex Broderick. Each employee has selected a few pieces to display in Gallery Kunstler.

The reception will be opening from 6-9PM at
Booksmart Studio
250 N. Goodman St.
1st floor
Rochester NY, 14607

Come join us!


Booksmart Studio– Digital Printing Website Updated with Flextight Virtual Drum Scanning!

Booksmart Studio offers scanning of 35mmMedium Format, and Large Format film.  We can even scan a 8×10 chrome or negative!  Your file will be uploaded to a server and a link will be sent to you for download.  If you would like a cd or dvd made and mailed to you please include a self addressed stamped envelope with blank cd or dvd and case to us along with the following.

Please follow this link to get your scans:

The Hasselblad Flextight Precision III offers a maximum true optical resolution of 6300dpi.  Booksmart Studio can scan a 35mm landscape transparency at, for example, 5000dpi, while a 6×4.5cm portrait original could be scanned at 4500dpi.

Like the other Flextight scanners the Precision III incorporates the unique Flextight magnetic original holder design, which eliminates the need for mounting originals on glass. Thus, there is no need for gel or tape, and the operator does not have to clean each transparency after scanning.

As the magnetic holder retracts automatically into the scanner it is fed around a virtual drum, which creates a perfectly flat surface directly underneath the CCD.  Scanning the surface of the original without the use of glass removes the danger of Newton Rings or moir, as well as color flare and registration errors.

The Precision III handles positive or negative originals from 35mm to 12x17cm, as well as reflective copy up to 220x310mm including color, line-art and gray scale work. Imacon say its ability to pick out minute detail and its sharpness help to make it the best negative scanner on the market today. The unique design eliminates complicated moving optics and results in an extremely compact scanner.  An external power supply removes the possibility of electrical noise caused by heat or electronics.

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Booksmart Studio has a new clearance section!

Stop by our Rochester, NY location and browse through our clearance section of inkjet paper, inks, and other photographic products.

Hope to see you soon!



Kory Gunnarsen
Booksmart Studio
Digital Lab Manager

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If you are looking to purchase a Libro Portfolio or have Booksmart Studio produce your prints for your portfolio. Please be sure to visit our dedicated Libro shop website at


If you are looking to purchase Fine Art Metal or have Booksmart Studio print on the fine art metal. Please be sure to visit our dedicated Inkjet Metal shop website at

Fine Edition

If you are looking to work with Booksmart Studio to produce your Fine Edition Inkjet Prints for an exhibition or just start an open edition. Please be sure to visit our dedicated Fine Edition Printing shop website at

Custom ICC

Order your custom ICC Profiles now. Please be sure to visit our dedicated Custom ICC Profiling shop at
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