Recent visit from an old colleague from Mercer County Community College

Recently Gary Saretzky a colleague from my days running the photography department at Mercer County Community College stopped by the studio while attending a workshop at the Image Permanence Institute at RIT. Gary took numerous images of the studio. It’s always great to see a different view of our studio, so we thought we would share them. Never mind the mess, too busy to clean.


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Our Libro Portfolio Collection is updated!

We have been hard at work here at Booksmart Studio to update our Libro Portfolio Collection to make it more affordable and much more customizable.  We have come up with three different choices for you to pick from.

• The Libro Elite. The Libro Elite is our finest version of the Libro Collection, these books are offered in Italian Leatherette’s with six different colors to choose from.

• The Libro Modernette. The LibroModernette is our the second version of the Libro Collection, these books are offered in Iris Book clothes with eighteen different colors to choose from.

• The Libro Japanese Silks. The Libro Japanese Cloths is our the third version of the Libro Collection, these books are offered in Asahi Book clothes with twenty-two different colors to choose from.

All of the Libro styles comes with three choices of post and spine options. The first is the exposed post option, which is regarded as the modern look. The screw post being exposed on the exterior of the book, creating a nice finish inside the book. The second option is the hidden post, which creates a nice finish on the exterior of the book with the screw post being hidden. The screw post are exposed on the inside of the book. The final option is an accessory to the hidden post covers and it is a decorative spine that hides the pages on the spine of the Libro.

All Elite Libro’s come with aluminum finished screw  post. An upgrade to black or gold is available by purchasing the chosen color separately.

We are very open to the idea of customization.  We have over 40 different cover material choices, exposed or hidden post, stamping options and 3 different post color options.  There are so many different options you can choose from to make your Libro portfolio custom to your vision.  The most customizable part of your Libro is to get your name, logo or design stamped on the cover.  We have over 40 different fonts to choose from in our lead type collection or you can give us your logo or design file and we can have a custom die made from it in order to stamp the cover.

The Libro Collection is available in all grades in 11”x17”, 12”x12” and 13”x19” sizes with 25 sheets of either Canson Infinity, Crane Museo, Hahnemühle, InkPress, or Innova inkjet paper packaged with the books. Letter size (8½”x11”) & A4 with Innova Smooth Cotton Duo is available in only the Libro Elites. All paper is scored and drilled to work in our post-bound cover system, so all you have to do is unscrew the album, layout with our Photoshop™ or InDesign™ templates, print, and reassemble.  We can also score and drill paper to fit in your Libro anytime after you use the 25 sheets that come with the portfolio for a small fee.

Last, but not least we also offer all 3 Libro grade covers for purchase without the paper.  You can buy just the covers with the posts by themselves and put anything inside them; you are not limited to just photographic prints.


Visit our website for pricing and more information or call us to talk about your customization options.


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June 6, 2008 marked the opening of Circulation, an exhibition of artist works that confront, explore, exploit, challenge, and investigate the many modes, methods, and effects of circulation and dissemination. The show features a roster of artists from around the continental United States as well as several international artists.

Featured artists include:


Works traveled between continents and across oceans to arrive in Rochester, NY for the exhibition, which will run through July 2, 2008. By the time the works return to their creators or newfound appreciators the art will have traveled over 41,000 miles for the exhibition(more than one-and-a-half times the circumference of the earth).

The curator’s statement reads-
The strength and value in art is located not solely in its visuality, but also in its ability to circulate as an object, or at the most basic level- its grounds in a circulating idea.

-Within a tiny droplet of blood, there are some 5 million red blood cells. It takes about 20 seconds for each of these red blood cells to circle the whole body. These red blood cells will each make approximately 250,000 round trips of the body before being replaced by another red blood cell.

USA Today has a daily circulation of 2,528,437. In one year, that amounts to 922,879,505 reads.

-By the end of the Civil War, between one-third and one-half of all U.S. paper currency in circulation was counterfeit.

-The ice age cycles were influenced by changes in ocean circulation arising from changes in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

Responses to the call for entries included works inspired by corporeal circulation, tectonic movement, transfer of currency, reformation, reappropriation, and the library’s ability to circulate information.


Next Generation of Inkjet Papers

Review of Hahenuhle Pearl, Innova F-Type Gloss, & Museo Silver Rag

Booksmart Studio has published our review of the next generation of inkjet papers including Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl, Innova F-Type Gloss, & Crane Museo Silver Rag.

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