Inaugural opening

Booksmart Studio is please to announce the opening of our two galleries. Gallery Kunstler is a 1500 sq. ft. gallery that will feature International artists & photographers along with juried exhibitions. The Rochester Pin-Up Gallery, a 750 sq. ft. gallery, is focused more on the community of Upstate New York with open critique sessions being held bi-weekly, please look in our calendar for more information. Artists & Photographers will be primarily based in the Upstate New York region, but not limited to this region for every exhibition.

Gallery Kunstler

Peripheral Visions Eric T. Kunsman

 The inaugural opening featured Booksmart Studio’s founder Eric Kunsman with his exhibition Peripheral Visions. This exhibition contains 25 panoramic images from the Southwest of the United States. These images, with many of the images being over 240º, they extend beyond the peripheral vision and challenge viewers to question reality.

Rochester Pin-Up Gallery

Who is Booksmart Studio? Kory Gunnarsen, Melissa Olen, Andrew Super, & Joe Ziolkowski

The inaugural exhibit contains the work of the staff at Booksmart Studio, each member being a photographer themselves. Kory Gunnarsen showcased his panoramic views that have been digitally stitched. Melissa Olen’s images were from her travels around the world, while Andrew Super focused on the traditional silver halide process and his photographs from Kansas. Joe Ziolkowski displayed his pinhole photography work from Okinawa, Japan, these images were all reproduced on Booksmart Fine Art Metal to create a sense of a tintype.

Gallery Kunstler

Photograph of Gallery Kunstler