We now have four dedicated e-commerce shops that are hosted and trusted to BigCommerce. We recently made the switch because too many websites are being hacked. Instead of trying to keep up with security updates we have now put our trust in professional hands. We have also broken up our three different categories to each have their own dedicated website. This will make your experience much better as we are adding content as changes occur. Please visit our dedicated shops, Etsy store, E-Bay store to see what has changed.  As you know by now we are focusing on what we are industry leaders in. Booksmart Studio is no longer selling inkjet paper, printers, & ink. Instead, be sure to visit our trusted vendor www.shadesofpaper.com


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Inkjet Metal ???

Professional Graphics is now responsible for distributing the fine art metal series- Inkjetmetal.com

www.inkjetmetal.com or www.prographics.com