Booksmart Studio– Digital Printing Website Updated with Flextight Virtual Drum Scanning!

Booksmart Studio offers scanning of 35mmMedium Format, and Large Format film.  We can even scan a 8×10 chrome or negative!  Your file will be uploaded to a server and a link will be sent to you for download.  If you would like a cd or dvd made and mailed to you please include a self addressed stamped envelope with blank cd or dvd and case to us along with the following.

Please follow this link to get your scans:

The Hasselblad Flextight Precision III offers a maximum true optical resolution of 6300dpi.  Booksmart Studio can scan a 35mm landscape transparency at, for example, 5000dpi, while a 6×4.5cm portrait original could be scanned at 4500dpi.

Like the other Flextight scanners the Precision III incorporates the unique Flextight magnetic original holder design, which eliminates the need for mounting originals on glass. Thus, there is no need for gel or tape, and the operator does not have to clean each transparency after scanning.

As the magnetic holder retracts automatically into the scanner it is fed around a virtual drum, which creates a perfectly flat surface directly underneath the CCD.  Scanning the surface of the original without the use of glass removes the danger of Newton Rings or moir, as well as color flare and registration errors.

The Precision III handles positive or negative originals from 35mm to 12x17cm, as well as reflective copy up to 220x310mm including color, line-art and gray scale work. Imacon say its ability to pick out minute detail and its sharpness help to make it the best negative scanner on the market today. The unique design eliminates complicated moving optics and results in an extremely compact scanner.  An external power supply removes the possibility of electrical noise caused by heat or electronics.