Pause to Begin is back!

We have been busy putting together all the pieces of the Pause to Begin books. We now have large quantities that are ready and available to be purchased and shipped out today!

Pause to Begin was a unique project born in discussions about the direction of contemporary photography today. A competition geared towards the emerging photographer, Pause, to Begin selected 15 photographers in April 2008. After a juried selection, the creators of Pause, to Begin drove 10,000 miles to meet and interview the selected photographers about their work.  By working closely with a team of artists and an advisory board that includes John Paul Caponigro, Joyce Tenneson and Cig Harvey, Pause, to Begin continues to strive to create a one-of-a-kind experience for the artist and viewer.

The catalog books that are available are great collectors items and showcase an amazing collection of photographs by Matthew GamberTealia Ellis RitterJohn MannColin BlakelyShawn RecordsThomas PriorHin ChuaSonja ThomsenBrea SoudersTimothy BrinerAlejandro CartagenaErika LarsenMatthew EichShannon Johnstone, and Shawn Gust.