New Fine Art of B&W Digital Printing Workshop- July31st-August1st, 2010

Booksmart Studio is pleased to present another Digital Printing workshop – the Fine Art of B&W Printing workshop…



© Eric Kunsman, Fine Art of B&W Printing Workshop @ Booksmart Studio


Creating B&W prints with the various ink technology available.


This workshop will teach you the different controls and options for creating B&W prints that rival the quality of silver gelating prints. Ink technologies that will be covered are: Epson Ultrachrome & Epson K3. Control for each of these products will be the main focus of the workshop. Participants should bring files that are ready for printing.

Topics will also include various methods for controlling the aesthetic print quality. Techniques covered are similar to those one applied in the darkroom, such as but not limited to: dodging & burning, contrast control, and tonal control.

Fees: $550.00 plus $50 for supplies (paper & ink)
Enrollment: (5) MacIntosh users & (2) PC users

Location: Booksmart Studio, 250 North Goodman Street, Rochester, NY 14607

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