Booksmart Studio works with Canson-Infinity to beta test and generate generic ICC Profiles on their 17 new papers & canvas

Generic ICC profiles for new line of paper were created by our studio

Booksmart Studio and Canson-Infinity worked together to create a full-line of ICC profiles for 17 new inkjet papers that they have recently released. These new papers are the largest launch any single paper company has announced since the beginning of inkjet technology. Canson-Infinity’s 17 papers do not utilize optical brighteners to keep consistent whites or brighten the cotton fibers. Instead, they are utilizing minerals & pigments in the preparation of the paper rather than in the coating process.

Booksmart Studio created profiles for the full-line of Canon, Epson, & HP printers for Canson-Infinity to provide to their customers. These profiles are available in our ICC Profile Library along with Canson-Infinity’s website.